Why work for AgileRank

 What   builds a   great   company   is having   great   people. At AgileRank, we are defined by the quality of our team. We are always in search of exceptional professionals who want to be part of an environment that inspires everyone to pursue their own personal and professional passions. Our culture is based on strong values toward one another and to our customers. We offer competitive salaries and benefits, a continuous referral bonus, and flexible employment options. At AgileRank, our commitment to our customers is to deliver meaningful outcomes with speed, discipline, and precision. Our commitment to you is a supportive work environment where every idea, thought and opinion is welcomed.  So, why are you waiting? Please join us.

Flexible Employment Options

We firmly believe that one size does not fit all. You should have the choice and ability to adjust based on your specific situation and goals. Are you the entrepreneur at heart that likes independence as to how to conduct your work and meet the client’s goals maintaining full control of your financials and taxes, then a corp-to-corp or 1099 setup might be for you. On the other hand, do you prefer the comfort of a steady paycheck and benefits, then a W2 salaried engagement might be for you. Or are you somewhere in between, then a W2 hourly might work for you.

Benefits Marketplace

As a small business, we must be streamlined and efficient in order to provide competitive benefits to our employees. That is why AgileRank relies on a cloud based infrastructure that is offered by companies that offer quality services and share our vision of the future. Based on your individual situation we will work with you to figure out what works as far as benefits by providing you access to a benefits marketplace that offers options and cost savings.

Flexible Work Environment

Gone are the old days of 9-5 workdays. Here at AgileRank, we are more concerned with the end result and a healthy work/ family life balance. In today’s global markets—efficiency, flexibility, and dedication are the elements that lead to success. Telecommute, flexible hours, casual attire—As long as the client is ok with it, then AgileRank is all about a comfortable and a flexible work environment.

Competitive Compensation

At AgileRank, attracting and retaining talented individuals is key. Our people, our team members, and those who keep everything operating—are our most important asset. Our goal is to attract individuals that have a vision and want to be part of something new and exciting while sharing our growth and success. At the same time, we understand the competitive marketplace and what your skills, years of experience, and achievements are worth. We are a high-end, highly-selective organization, and you are worth the premium.

Don’t forget to ask us about our continuous referral bonus program!