Agile Innovation Labs

AgileLabs is our think tank for the invention, creation, and deployment of applications and projecys created by the programming wizards of AgileRank. Here, our team members have the opportunity to innovate, develop, and grow.


Agile RTLS Suite is an Android and iOS application designed to increase efficiency and simplify tagging and battery maintenance. What used to take multiple people using multiple devices can now be done by a single person using nothing but their phone. 

My Healthy Kidney is a mobile and web based application dedicated to helping both patients and doctors find the correct diets for specific patient needs based on individual diagnostics. Visit the web app at or click here!

Agile BedCare

Agile BedCare (ABC) is a web based application to organize, display, and provide reports to a facility’s Room Management. This covers Rooms with patients (and movements), clean requests, unavailable statuses, and scheduled admissions.