Real Time Location System (RTLS)

What is RTLS?

Real Time Location System (RTLS) is a technological solution to locate/track assets and people in real-time. RTLS consists of Tags, Locations Sensors, Location Engine, Middleware and Applications.

RTLS in Healthcare can provide optimized clinical and business workflows, enhanced patient safety, enhanced patient throughput and staff and equipment in additional to many other benefits.

Our Experience

AgileRank has the experience in designing, building, testing, and sustainment of world class RTLS systems. As a subcontractor to Perspecta (previously DXC), AgileRank was part of the team that is responsible for the successful development and deployment of RTLS to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). AgileRank provided support in the areas of Architecture, Security Compliance, and Location Services testing and remediation.

Key AgileRank RTLS Capabilities

Battery Management

Location infrastructure hardware is the core component of RTLS. To ensure proper functioning and optimum performance of these components, it is essential to proactively monitor and replace their batteries as they wear out. Our team has the experience and know how to perform this task. Although the function of replacing batteries may appear to be a simple task, it actually requires a company and staff that understands the layouts and functions of medical facilities, an understanding of how the RTLS systems were deployed at these facilities, and knowing what documents and maps are needed to navigate and locate these components. In addition, locating active tags can be a challenging task. Having the staff that understands how to use the RTLS application, combined with an understanding of the accuracy of the system in the different areas (e.g. clinical vs WiFi) is essential to optimally perform this task. A staff that has experience with the layout and function of medical facilities will know where equipment clusters can be found (e.g.Bio Med Engineering, storage rooms, etc.), which will expedite locating tags with dead batteries. At AgileRank, we have the experience and expertise to perform this task. We were part of the deployment team that rolled out the RTLS Asset Tracking solution across the VA. We have been to many of these facilities and walked around with VA staff, testing the solution. In fact, we installed, fixed, and replaced many of these batteries during remediation.  We also will equip our staff with productivity utilities that will optimize their work, reduce duplication, and expedite post activity reporting.

Accuracy Testing

AgileRank was not only an integral part of the deployment team that rolled out the RTLS Asset Tracking solution across the VA but also provided resources and expertise in testing the systems (both WiFi and clinical). Accuracy testing is the process in which the actual location of an asset is compared against the reported location by the system. This is important to verify the accuracy of the system and improve it where necessary, especially in areas of weak or non-existent WiFi signal. The process typically involves the use of up to 3 devices and teams of 2 to 3 people walking through the hospital or implementation location. With our in-house customized software solutions AgileRank is able to perform accuracy testing with a single person at a much faster and more efficient pace. This can cut the time it takes to complete the testing process in half, decreasing costs and as well as time spent interrupting hospital staff.

Additional Expertise

  • Architecture
  • Subject Matter Expertise (SME) Support
  • Security Compliance
  • Location Services
  • Sustainment


The Agile RTLS Suite app developed and used by our team allows us to accomplish many RTLS testing and maintenance tasks in half the time.